Thursday, 18 May 2017

First blog

Kia ora everyone this is my first blog.

i am 10 years old and my name is marama and i go to kaikohe west school.

My favourite food is pizza,sushi and homemade won-ton's with sweet and sour sauce. My favourite dessert is apple pie and custard. My favourite drink is coke,fanta and L&P. My favourite sport is netball.

My mum name is Emma jane Tetai Harris and my dad's name is Dalton Hepetema Harris.

This is my first blogger.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

i nga hararei i went to taheke marae for my auntie's 21st huritau. When i got there i went in to the whare kai to kihi and hongi all the whanau and then i went in to the marae to go and say kia ora to all the whanaunga that had passed. After that i went to go and play with all my cousin's at the old and wrecked church,we played schools,zombie's and tag. Next all my cousin's got bored and walked back to the marae to play on there device's. After that one of my cousin's got so bored playing on her device so she wanted to play schools and zombie's again in the rain  but we all said NO beacause it was raining but one of us said we should play after the rain stop's. Next it stopped raining so one of my cousin's said it stopped raining now let's go and play school's and zombie's, so we all got up and turned off all our device's and went to go and play school's and zombie's. After that my aunty shouted out to us to see if we were hungry but we all said NO really loudley. After we played at the church it got dark so we went and had  a shower and got into bed.
We had a good day at my auntie's 21st huritau.